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Beehive Fund

What is Beehive Fund?

The Beehive Fund is a professionally managed global balanced fund. It offers clients the potential for a higher return than bank deposits while diversifying investments to reduce risks. The fund is open for investors with as low as US$ 10,000, giving you access to a portfolio of fixed income securities including local, regional, and international bonds and money market instruments, as well as blue chip equities.

Who should invest?

The Beehive Fund is most suitable for investors with a medium to long term investment horizon and seeking:
  • Higher return without excessive risk
  • Diversification of their investments
  • Professional investment management

Why the Beehive Fund?

  • Potential for a higher return: the fund offers an opportunity to get a higher return than what is available on bank deposits
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation – the actively managed fund will enhance its return potential by periodically adjusting its asset mix to anticipate market changes and seeking a broad spectrum of investment opportunities
  • Diversification – the fund invests mainly in a fixed income portfolio of government bonds and treasury bills to minimize risks. The equity portion which comprises blue chip companies will be spread among different sectors and regions to maximize returns while reducing overall risk
  • Accessibility – for as little as $10,000, investors can easily have access to a professionally managed portfolio
  • Liquidity – investors can easily convert their investments into cash
  • Transparency – the fund will report its performance and strategy on a regular basis

Fransa Invest Beehive Fund Details

  • Currency: US Dollars
  • Minimum subscription: $10,000
  • Subscription: monthly at any Fransabank Branch
  • Classes: investors may choose between:
    - Class A: not entitled to dividends. Profits are reinvested in the fund
    - Class B: entitled to an annual distribution of dividends, subject to 10% tax
  • Exit: monthly at any Fransabank Branch +
  • Fees:
    - Subscription Fees: 0.5% of subscription amount
    - Annual Management Fees: 1.5% per annum
    - Redemption Fees: none
  • Fund Manager: Fransa Invest Bank SAL
  • Placement Agent: Fransabank SAL
  • Custodian and Administrative Agent: Midclear SAL
  • Auditors: Deloitte & Touche
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